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We respect that time is precious. You have days – not weeks or months – to onboard great talent. Korn Ferry’s localized focus and personalized engagement strategies deliver results. Our full-service interim and contract recruiter teams partner with you to identify your talent gaps, business challenges and hiring requirements. Then we quickly deploy experienced right-fit and high-performing professionals.

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The Buyer's Guide to Interim Talent

Utilize our guide to get interim and contract talent right.

Our contract solutions are driven by your needs

Our contract solutions recruiters commit the same focus, integrity and professionalism to filling temporary roles as our direct hire recruiters. We cultivate an unrivaled local network of mid-to-senior level professionals who quickly and efficiently support your pivotal resource needs, including annual, contract, project, time-sensitive, seasonal, transitional, staff augmentation and contract-to-hire roles.

Employed by Korn Ferry, our recruiters serve efficiently in executive, senior level and mid-profession roles as well as specialized niche and consultative positions across all practice areas. Carefully vetted and personally qualified, our contractors and interim professionals deliver on a complex blend of functional capabilities, technical proficiencies, education/certifications, real-world experiences, can-do attitudes and business acumen.

Beyond a stopgap: 4 reasons to make interim an integral part of your hiring strategy

Every minute matters in today's volatile business world. Learn more about how interim hires can step in fast to face pressing challenges in your business.

Streamlining agile workforces with right-fit resources

A contract workforce can be challenging to manage. That’s where we come in. Hire a contract recruiter on our team to source and select talent and handle needs like requirements testing, onboarding, HR/payroll, benefits, PTO, performance management and off-boarding so you can stay focused on your business.

Our contract recruiters create hassle-free solutions that meet your specific skills and experience needs, as well as hiring and culture-fit expectations. Dedicated to your contract recruitment strategy, we develop direct, consultative, goal-oriented relationships with hiring managers and HR, and we personalize in-depth services to the unique needs of your organization.

We deliver 360-degree engagement management, and our philosophy is that recruitment agencies should serve with transparency, candor and integrity. Our recruiting experts and operations/HR specialists work collaboratively to provide end-to-end placement for life cycle continuity.

How we help you

Our global talent network allows us to provide your teams with real-time deep expertise when and for how long you need it. We support and complement your team by temporarily filling key roles, supporting critical issues, projects or initiatives, or providing specific expertise.

Minimize disruption from critical issues

When a business issue needs to be addressed quickly, we rapidly identify and deploy the right contract professionals who will minimize disruption and support time-critical outcomes for major transformations or business changes that arise.

Complete projects or initiatives on your timeline

New projects are integral for continuous improvement and continued business optimization. Build a high quality agile workforce with contract talent. The flexibility of contractors allows you to scale your team according to your timeline with proven, goal-oriented experts who are on hand to see that your outcomes are met.

Deliver the specific expertise your team needs to get the job done

Sometimes you don’t need more people; you need more experience. An ideal contractor has developed the skill sets that you need throughout their career. Contractors can both supplement your workforce with unique skills and grant your team the flexibility they need.

Fill your key roles now with contract talent

An experienced contract professional has the background to understand and execute the needs of your open role and deliver outcomes immediately while you search for your permanent hire. Short-term or contract-to-hire, we have access to the highest caliber contractors to fill your open roles.

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Frequently asked questions for Contract Recruiting

What does a contract recruiter do?

While some recruiters focus on placing candidates in permanent positions, others focus on recruiting contractors, interim hires and temporary placements. Contract recruiters typically have a pool of vetted talent ready for immediate start dates. This means open positions can be filled very quickly - if you contact a contract recruiter on a Monday, you’re likely to have an interim placement ready before Friday.

What is contract to hire?

A contract to hire employee — also known as work to hire or temp to hire — is a person who works with a company for a specific timeframe, often on one assignment or project. When that period ends, the employer may hire the employee full-time with benefits. The employer usually works with an organizational consulting firm or staffing agency to find the right contract to hire employee.

How does contract work work?

Recruiting specialists lead sourcing, selection, requirements testing, onboarding, HR/payroll, benefits, PTO, performance management and off-boarding so you stay focused on your business. Our contract recruiting team can reduce your liabilities, minimize financial burdens and improve cost controls with flexibility on the length of support that you receive. Recruiters skillfully manage compliance regulations and quality controls, and our streamlined approval processes ensure your engagements run smoothly.

Does Korn Ferry offer contract solutions?

Korn Ferry offers end-to-end contractor solutions. We manage the sourcing, requirements testing, selecting, onboarding, HR/payroll, benefits, PTO, performance management and offboarding for all contractors.

What are contract jobs?

Are you looking for contract work? If you are a professional looking for your next contract role, we are the partner for you. Register with us today.