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In today’s rapidly changing market, the path to technology leadership hinges on successful digital transformation. When these efforts stall, it’s rarely because of technology, and almost always because of people.

That’s why we formed our technology & digital officers center of excellence: to help organizations like yours develop and retain innovative leaders capable of forging a new tomorrow. We work with you to build dynamic teams that maximize your abilities and leverage your talents, then show you how to compensate, develop and motivate your people to retain them and improve your organization’s culture of performance. In short, we’ll help you design and build a technology organization capable of seizing the opportunities that the cloud, big data, mobile apps, social networking and digital afford.

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How we can help

You can’t focus on innovation without a top-performing team of digital leaders capable of solving the problems of today. Our consultants have deep experience helping leaders identify, recruit and retain best-in-class technology and digital talent. We also help you assemble effective organizational structures and optimize your alignment to improve your workforce effectiveness.

Here are some of the challenges we can help you address:

Recruiting top technology and digital talent in a competitive job market

Today, the demand for technology talent far outweighs supply, making it harder than ever to find qualified talent—and to retain good employees once you’ve developed them. This is particularly true in five areas: digital, mobile, information security, agile/software engineering and data/analytics. Our consultants can help you improve your chances of hiring top talent. We’ll work with you to:

  • Create a positive experience throughout the candidate lifecycle
  • Become more engaged in IT talent communities, such as meet-ups, online forums and industry events, so you earn greater credibility with candidates
  • Design an attractive, competitive rewards and compensation program that entices talent

Building a more engaging employee experience

The idea of recruiting and retaining top talent keeps many technology and digital leaders awake at night; it’s the second leading CIO concern after cyber attacks. Given the competition in the market for qualified tech talent, your organization must focus on building “stickiness,” ensuring the talent that comes on board stays on board. We’ll help you:

  • Establish a value proposition and messaging for employees that explains how their work is changing the world and their communities
  • Offer opportunities that appeal to multiple generations of talent, such as flexible work arrangements and gamification
  • Create opportunities for upskilling and reskilling talent to improve their mobility

Planning for the technology function’s future leadership needs

Staying ahead of the competition requires IT organizations to plan for the future while ensuring they have the talent to lead today. But the majority of technology officers (71%) worry that they don’t have a ready-now successor; fewer than half (41%) believe their organization has a comprehensive succession plan. Our consultants will:

  • Identify the right balance of technical skills and leadership abilities that IT leaders need to execute their business agenda and stay ahead of the competition
  • Assess individuals to build a holistic development blueprint and capability to optimize the function
  • Create a tailored leadership development program that accelerates IT executives’ ability to contribute to the organization

Leading the technology organization through digital transformation

Nearly half (41%) of technology officers report that their organization is undergoing a digital transformation. And many technology officers are at the forefront of that transformation. But they face many roadblocks, from stakeholder alignment to legacy processes and cultures to a lack of funding and resources. We’ll pave the way toward digital sustainability by helping you:

  • Build a culture that allows for learning agility and flexibility as disruptive forces reshape your business
  • Develop a mindset and culture that embraces and enables the new, diverse ways of thinking that drive innovation
  • Form a strategy to raise IT’s profile in the C-suite to enable greater influence and collaboration

The IT organization is shifting from traditional infrastructure and applications to center on the digital transformation journey, and organizations need a new talent strategy to keep up. We help you recruit and retain top technology talent across the following digital domains.

  • Technology & Digital Officers

    The focus of the top tech leader is evolving from implementation to transformation. Samples roles we support include:

    • Chief Information Officer
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Chief Digital Information Officer
    • Chief Digital Technology Officer
    • Chief Digital Officer
    • Chief Innovation Officer
    • Cloud & Infrastructure
    • Strategy & Architecture
    • Technology Delivery
  • Data

    Data is the currency of the digital journey. The future success of an enterprise will depend in part on its ability to leverage data holistically to deliver business outcomes. Samples roles we support include:

    • Chief Data & Analytics Officer
    • Data Science
    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Data Architecture
    • Data Governance
  • Product

    The productization of technology is fueling competition and disrupting traditional business models. Samples roles we support include:

    • Chief Product Officer
    • Digital Product
    • Product Innovation
    • Product Design
    • Product Development
    • Product Management
  • Security

    The increase in customer data and ways to access that data is forcing companies to rethink what they need to deliver to guarantee real security. Samples roles we support include:

    • Chief Information Security Officer
    • Business Continuity
    • Cyber Security
    • Data Center Disaster Recovery
    • Data Protection
    • IT Risk and Compliance
  • Engineering

    The need for speed in bringing new technology solutions to market has led organizations to invest in developing and leveraging in-house engineering teams. Sample roles we support include:

    • Product Engineering
    • Platform Engineering
    • Operations Engineering

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