Nine to five was once synonymous with a workday. But workers are now logging off an hour earlier than they did in 2021 and governments are getting serious about their right to disconnect afterwards. Three experts weigh in on how leaders might address this watershed moment for the workday.

  • Podcast Guest

    Joseph McCabe

    Vice Chairman
    Korn Ferry

    Joe is a Vice Chairman for Korn Ferry who specializes in the recruitment of senior executives in both the human resources and legal functions and the employee benefits/HR outsourcing industry.

  • Podcast Guest

    Margie Warrell

    Senior Client Partner
    Korn Ferry

    A global authority on courageous leadership with global experience developing enterprise leaders and forward-leaning cultures that accelerate growth and improve outcomes for all stakeholders. Margie is a bestselling author, thought leader and Senior Partner in CEO Succession and leadership development who helps leaders navigate the complex challenges and risks of today’s business landscape with greater courage, purpose and resilience.

  • Podcast Guest

    Ronald Porter

    Senior Client Partner, Global HR Center of Excellence
    Korn Ferry

    Ron sits in Korn Ferry's Human Resources Center of Expertise. He recruits Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) and assists them in building high performance organizations. Based in New York, where he also helps clients design talent strategies to drive business results through Korn Ferry's Leadership and Talent Consulting organization.

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