Good economy or not, four in ten companies expect to have layoffs this year. Two experts explore how people can recover from what can be a huge setback.

  • Podcast Guest

    Liz Bentley

    CEO & Founder
    Liz Bentley Associates

    Liz specializes in executive coaching and leadership development programs for top leaders, teams, and organizations. She is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and executive coach. Her insights into human behavior have made her an invaluable resource for businesses seeking to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

  • Podcast Guest

    Frances Weir

    Business Psychologist & Executive Coach
    Korn Ferry

    Frances Weir excels as a versatile consultant trusted by leaders worldwide. With extensive HR leadership, she specializes in people strategy, leadership development, and tech-focused DE&I. She inspires confidence and motivation, solving business challenges through talent solutions, fostering success for individuals and teams worldwide.

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