The Essentials: Emotional Intelligence

Korn Ferry’s most read articles about the ability to bring the best out of yourself and others.

Leaders with higher levels of emotional self-awareness, empathy, adaptability and other competencies that comprise emotional intelligence may be better prepared for the many disruptions of the past year and in the year to come. But experts say many of these so-called soft leadership skills can be learned over time. In this “Essentials” list, read five of the most-read articles about emotional intelligence, each written by Daniel Goleman, Korn Ferry contributor and author of the best-selling book “Emotional Intelligence.”

What is Emotional Self Awareness?

Understanding how your emotions affect your performance is the foundation of great leadership.

Empathy: The Surprisingly Critical Business Skill

Executives with high empathy are better at keeping employees engaged, and employees with empathy give customers the very best experience.

The Sixth Sense for Reading Your Company

Savvy leaders are excellent at identifying relationships and networks at work.

Balance Your Need to Achieve

Having a strong achievement orientation helps balance a leader's desire to succeed with the goals of the organization.

How Adaptability Will Define Your Career

Don’t let sudden changes keep you from staying focused on your goals.

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