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Build a sales organization ready to take on disruption

Your customers have adapted. Have you?

How are you re-thinking your go-to-market strategy, your sales organization and your people to ensure you meet your customers where they are?

Buyers have access to more data and insight than ever before, and it is not enough to just define needs and sell solutions – it is important to educate and provide perspective at every stage of the sales process.

We help you transform your sales team to accelerate revenue growth. We improve your sales performance with customer first thinking, aligning your sales strategy and execution to the changing needs of your buyer. Transforming your sales teams from sellers to valued partners.

We do this by combining our industry-leading sales methodologies, sales and market insights and organization and talent expertise to deliver sustainable change to mindsets, skillsets and process.

Korn Ferry named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Training Service Providers

Powered by the proven, industry-leading sales methodology of Miller Heiman Group, which is now part of Korn Ferry

Benchmark your sales performance

Discover how your sales performance compares to over 2,000 World-Class sales organizations by using our data-driven Sales Performance Meter.

Accelerate sales team performance

Transform the performance of your sales team with our personalized assessment, development and coaching journeys, delivered digitally at scale.

Maximize sales effectiveness

Using our success profiles we benchmark your sellers against the best in class and then create a personalized learning journey to close any gaps – making sure your whole team has the right mindset and skill set to improve sales performance.

Shape customer experience

We help your people in customer facing roles to deliver exceptional interactions at every point of the customer journey. Our scalable solution delivers a seamless employee development experience that results in sustainable change.


Sales strategy & structure

Lay the foundation for a better sales organization

We work with you to build the go-to-market strategy and organization structure that will help you deliver on your business objectives. We start with diagnostics and benchmarking to identify opportunities to improve your sales performance and build a sales transformation roadmap.

We analyze market opportunity and market segments as well as the company’s products and potential future sales offerings to help you define your go-to-market sales strategy. We build the right organization structure to support your strategy, identifying how many people you need, what roles you need and build dynamic job profiles that predict success in each role. Then we work with you to set the right quotas, build the right compensation plan and design your performance management approach.

The result? A sales organization that is aligned to your business goals and flexible enough to respond to market pressure and changes in buyer behavior.

Sales methodology

Make winning a habit

Methodology is the backbone of successful sales organizations. It provides sellers with a repeatable, scalable and predictable way of operating. In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, it is simply impossible to improve your organization’s sales capabilities and win consistently and predictably without a consistent methodology.

Strategic Selling® with Perspective, by Miller Heiman Group, now part of Korn Ferry, is the go-to framework for companies around the world. It is designed to help organizations manage complex sales processes involving multiple decision-makers. At its center is the industry’s iconic Blue Sheet, which helps sellers identify their position with customers and determine the next action they should take.


Sales training

Help your sellers close more deals

Our sales methodologies and skills training is powered by Miller Heiman Group, now part of Korn Ferry, a company recognized for revolutionizing seller behavior and driving success in leading sales organizations around the world.

We have more than 80 end-to-end programs, available in all modalities and up to 25 languages for all roles and across the sales process. This includes our core sales training programs, Strategic Selling® with Perspective, Professional Selling Skills® and SPIN® Selling Conversations. Backed by more than 40 years of experience our approach and methodology is simple and pragmatic and proven to drive immediate changes in seller behavior and performance.

Sales compensation

Align pay and performance to drive sales

The right compensation and incentives motivate teams and attract the right type of talent. But too many companies offer sales compensation programs that are hard to understand or aren’t in sync with their strategic objectives.

We design compensation plans that give you a competitive advantage, are cost effective and linked to your business goals. And we make sure that teams know exactly what they have to do, and why, to optimize their compensation. So you can attract and retain key talent and build dynamic sales teams that deliver on your objectives and fill the talent pipeline.

Motivate your teams to deliver results

Sales talent

The right sales executives and leaders in the right roles

To accelerate revenue growth, you need to have the right sales executives and sales leaders, in the right roles, with the right skillset and mindset.

For more than 25 years, our recruiters have been the first choice to help companies find leaders that are a perfect fit. We deliver unmatched results using our market-leading assessment solutions to determine which candidates are the ideal skillset and mindset for your company’s culture and build the framework for compensation and retention that attracts the right leaders. In fact, candidates hired using our assessments are eight times more likely to be promoted within three years.

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