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Through rapid access to in-demand talent, we help your organization to accelerate change and move forward with speed, confidence and precision. Our interim executives and professionals are a catalyst for accelerating change and ensuring your organization meets milestones and deadlines.

Our interim executive recruiters identify opportunities to modernize your workforce - and pinpoint the right interim talent to drive transformation, innovation, growth and high-performance. Working with you, we enable your organization to achieve deadline-driven outcomes, while minimizing risk in an unpredictable world.

Time is of the essence, and you need a partner with access to the highest quality, proven talent ready to work for you today. Whether you need an interim CEO, interim director, or interim manager, Korn Ferry's robust talent network combined from the acquisitions of ICS, Lucas Group, Patina Solutions and Salo, has built the largest network of proven interim executive and professional talent.

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What Is Korn Ferry Interim?

The Buyer's Guide to Interim Talent

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Interim Executives & Professionals Solve a Range of Talent Needs

A total talent strategy is more than permanent talent

Interim executives and professionals drive the outcomes you need today and tomorrow. Top performers are increasingly defining when, where and how they work. Many are choosing interim to suit their lifestyle. From short to long term or unplanned to strategic, we have access to the highest quality in-demand talent to fit your needs.

  • Critical issues

    Disruptions occur at the global, national, and even local level that create critical issues for your organization. We rapidly identify and deploy the right interim executives or professionals who will minimize disruption and achieve time-critical outcomes for major transformations or issues that arise. Keep moving forward with confidence.

  • Projects or initiatives

    As organizations grow, new projects are integral for continuous improvement and continued business optimization. To build the highest quality team, there is no better option than interim talent. The flexibility of interim talent allows you to scale your team according to your timeline with proven, goal oriented experts who are on hand to see your outcomes met.

  • Specific expertise

    Need to add specialized depth to your team? Interim executives and professionals have proven skill sets that they've fostered throughout their careers. Hiring interim talent to supplement your workforce grants your team flexibility while ensuring business continuity and helping you mitigate risk.

  • Key roles

    You need the strength of an experienced executive or professional who understands the execution and challenges of the open role in your organization. An interim hire can deliver the outcomes you need with proven expertise. Whether your need is short term or you are considering interim-to-hire, we have access to the highest caliber talent.

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How We Help You

Our global talent network allows us to provide your teams with real-time deep expertise when and for how long you need it. We support and complement your team by temporarily filling key roles, supporting critical issues, projects or initiatives, or providing specific expertise.

Identify opportunities for an agile workforce

Legacy workforce models are giving way to more on-demand models that can address speed, complexity, growing and disruptive competition, and the global nature of business. We identify opportunities to modernize your workforce and pinpoint the right interim executives and professionals to drive your desired outcomes.

Drive business outcomes with executive and professional talent

We deploy experienced interim executives and professionals who enable your organization to achieve specific outcomes – minimizing risk while meeting tight timelines. Hiring interim talent to supplement your workforce allows you flexibility and the agility and depth needed to deliver.

Place time-critical talent for key roles

We have rapid access to in-demand talent. By putting an expert in place fast, we enable your organization to maintain business continuity or deal swiftly with crises. Experienced interim talent minimizes disruption to your business and allows you to keep moving forward with confidence.

Enhance hiring outcomes with data-driven insights

We’ve developed Success Profiles that show the skillset and mindset needed for the roles you need to fill. These profiles power our Intelligence Cloud and show you what good looks like. We create a blueprint for your best possible team, built on big data analytics.

Access to proven organizational consulting

As a proven, global organizational consulting firm, we work with you to design optimal organization structures, roles, and responsibilities. Our scope of talent acquisition ensures you have access to hire the right talent for your needs. Taking you further, we have the capabilities to advise you how to reward, motivate and develop your workforce as they navigate and advance their careers.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Interim

What's the meaning of interim leadership?

Organizations often have short- or mid-term people needs due to critical issues, projects or initiatives, need specific expertise or an open key role.  Hiring a leader temporarily to fill the need at hand helps your organization move with agility and get you the proven, experienced talent needed.

What's the difference between acting and interim?

When someone within your organization steps in to fill a role temporarily until a permanent hire can be made, that individual is “acting” in that role.

An interim individual is brought in from outside of the organization to fill a role while a permanent hire is found. The interim individual has extensive experience in that role with other organizations and will help keep operations running smoothly while the team focuses on hiring or other strategic initiatives. The interim executive or professional helps keep people resources from being stretched too thin during a transition.

How do we find an interim leader for our organization?

Partnering with an interim search firm like Korn Ferry will get the job done. We make interim easy to implement by providing an end-to-end talent solution: sourcing, selection, onboarding, payroll and benefits, coaching/management, and off boarding.

How long do interim positions typically last?

There is no “typical” in Interim. An interim position can be filled on a short- or long-term basis. The time commitment is agreed upon at the beginning of the assignment by both parties with an opportunity to extend if the demands or scope of the assignment change. It could be a 1-week consultation or a yearlong execution of a project. The benefit of Interim is it lasts according to your needs.

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