Through the Korn Ferry Digital platform, you gain direct access to our data, insights, analytics and digital solutions – enabling you to drive performance in a scalable way through your people, using one enterprise-wide framework and language of talent.

Our digital solutions cover the whole talent journey. So whether you need to define talent strategy and reward programs, make smarter decisions about whether to hire or develop talent from within your organization, get the right people on board, or even hear feedback on how engaged your employees really are, right across your organization – Korn Ferry Digital provides the answers.

Deep insights at your fingertips

Korn Ferry Digital is fueled by the most comprehensive and up-to-date people and organization databases.  This data provides the DNA for our digital solutions, bringing you a research-based foundation to underpin quality and consistency in your HR practices.  Over 4 billion data points have been collected, including: 

  • Over 69 million assessment results
  • 8 million employee engagement survey responses
  • Rewards data for 20 million employees across 25,000 organizations and 130+ countries

In your hands, it's more than just data

We’ve pulled the data together for you into a comprehensive set of actionable and dynamic Success Profiles.  Success Profiles define “what good looks like” and include data around three dimensions – the accountabilities of a role, the associated capabilities to perform these responsibilities, and the traits and drivers that are characteristic of a person who will thrive in this role.

You have access to over 4,000 individual Success Profiles across 30,000 job titles – and we are continually updating and adding new profiles, so you get to leverage the latest thinking on emerging roles.

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