Pay is a crucial component of your talent strategy. How much you pay your people, and where you allocate that spend, has a direct impact on your ability to attract, motivate and retain top talent, and execute your business strategy. This is why compensation planning for your employees is so important.

Korn Ferry Pay establishes a robust, data-driven approach to your remuneration strategy, creating linkages between pay and wider talent management issues, and enabling you to get the best out of your people.

Tools and reporting

Korn Ferry Pay is an online platform that contains up-to-date salary data from 20 million employees in 25,000 organizations across 150+ countries, as well as analytics and tools to help you make data-driven decisions on your reward programs.

Our intuitive tools make pay data analysis simple and fast, enabling you to drill down deeper than ever before and gain comprehensive insights into your pay and reward programs.

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Salary data submission

Submit your compensation data using our AI-powered tool to start benefiting from Korn Ferry Pay insights as soon as possible.  

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Compensation and benefits report

Dynamically evaluate your reward policy, practice and design against the market, and download reports from the pay data platform to share insights with your team.

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Custom job grades and peer groups

Generate reports and insights in your organization’s language using your own internal grading system.

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Create up to 20 peer groups of companies you compete with for talent and use pay benchmarking tools to compare your pay programs against them.

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What are your employees really thinking?

Based on one of the world’s largest normative databases of employee opinion, Korn Ferry Listen combines cutting-edge technology and market-leading research-based content.

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