Are companies micromanaging workers to death? Eight in ten firms plan to use technology to track office attendance this year. Even sick days are being questioned. Firms say they need to clamp down on abuses that started after the pandemic, but we talk to two experts on how this critical breakdown in trust can be a blow to the bottom line.

  • Podcast Guest

    Dan Kaplan

    Senior Client Partner, CHRO Practice
    Korn Ferry

    Dan brings over 20 years of expertise in leadership and organizational consulting to the firm. He has advised CEOs, investors, boards, and high-profile industry leaders on a wide range of issues impacting the talent landscape.

  • Podcast Guest

    Erika Duncan

    Co-Founder & Human Capital Advisor
    People on Point

    Erika's organization optimizes HR/People outcomes through creative design of people (HR) systems and processes. Among other things she is an expert on, she also advises founders and CEOs on compensation and equity structures.

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