Only two in 10 workers claim to have a best friend in the office and it’s a number that keeps falling. It's a serious issue for corporate leaders keen to drive culture, which data shows can be responsible for up to one third of a firm’s market value. We speak to a journalist and a leadership expert to get to the bottom of this camaraderie conundrum.

  • Podcast Guest

    Anya Weaver

    Principal Consultant
    Korn Ferry

    A transformational leader with over two decades of expertise in Leadership and Professional Development. Anya is also a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champion who focuses on building collaborative and inclusive relationships with her clients and project teams.

  • Podcast Guest

    Arianne Cohen

    Author and Journalist

    Writer of the article on this episode ‘Won’t You be My (Work) Friend?’ on Briefings Magazine. Arianne's stories appeared regularly in publications like Bloomberg Businessweek, Elle, The Guardian, The New York Times, and Vogue, among many others.

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