Amid record viewership and investment, it seems like women’s sports have made a quick and stunning leap forward. But can the winning streak keep going? A former college coach and sportswriter share their take on today's whole new ballgame.

  • Podcast Guest

    Jenna McLaughlin

    Head of Collegiate Athletics
    Korn Ferry

    Jenna is a recognized authority in transforming the sports industry. Leveraging her extensive background in executive leadership and consulting within intercollegiate sports, she drives talent and performance strategies across campuses nationwide, fueled by her commitment to innovation and impact in collegiate athletics.

  • Podcast Guest

    Peter Lauria

    Editorial Director
    Korn Ferry

    Peter is a thought leader in leveraging content to drive organizational growth. He specializes in thought leadership, research, and data to unlock organizational potential. Leading content strategy efforts, he collaborates with C-suite executives worldwide, shaping innovative content platforms to drive engagement and revenue.

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