Career frameworks are thoughtfully designed tools to organize the work and people necessary to deliver on a company’s mission. They enable employee engagement and serve as a platform for business-critical initiatives such as strategic workforce planning.

The starting point for any career framework is to align with your business and people strategies – and once created it can underpin your people development programs. A well-constructed career framework communicates how work value is created, organizes the work into logical “streams”, and identifies what employees need to do to advance their careers. It also establishes levels within each “stream”, each of which features its own set of required core skills, competencies and experiences. This makes employees aware of new and exciting opportunities, motivating and inspiring them as they make critical career decisions. It is also a tool that can support managers in having better informed conversations about career planning options with their employees.

Our research finds that career development opportunities are the number one reason that professional and management employees decide to stay with (or leave) an organization. A clear career framework is a critical foundational component of a larger human resource management puzzle and HR processes should be aligned around it. Effective change management then ensures the framework is successfully implemented, and performance management systems fine-tuned for maximum effectiveness. With our unique combination of HR and business operational expertise, we lock these pieces in place to create streamlined, functional career networks that help dynamic organizations attract and retain key talent through well thought out career development opportunities.


  • We build the right framework for the organization’s strategy. Our career frameworks are not one-size-fits-all solutions; we build smart, tailored career frameworks for each client business.
  • We dig deep. Our deep knowledge of job analysis, work measurement and competencies form a critical foundation for career frameworks.
  • We take a thoughtful approach. We take the time to deduce and define the technical and behavioral skillsets needed to succeed in a role. The result is higher levels of confidence in matching the right person with the right role.
  • We build solutions for now and tomorrow. Our career frameworks meet today’s needs, while being flexible enough to support future evolution.
  • Our solutions are scalable and flexible. From smaller custom setups to multi-billion-dollar companies, in local markets or around the world, our frameworks deliver immediate impact in pay equity and opportunity.
  • We build excitement. Our solutions engage people now, motivate them for the future and inspire them to lead, attracting key talent and ensuring retention.




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