Redefining co-sourced recruitment.

Blended Recruitment

In a full lifecycle outsourced recruitment solution, clients outsource the management of their entire hiring process, but once we work in concert with a client’s talent acquisition team, we see the engagement as a blended recruitment solution. With a blended RPO model, we deploy a co-sourced model and become an extension of the client’s internal team. This can happen at the beginning or at any point during a recruitment process outsourcing engagement.

In summary, we provide the tools, technology, and some of the resources to improve a company’s time to hire, cost per hire, and quality of hire. Beyond improving such basic hiring metrics, our blended recruitment solution is designed to elevate and augment existing processes and resources to optimize talent acquisition’s impact on the business.

Depending on a client’s needs, a blended RPO solution can include employer brand development, workforce planning, change and vendor management, and improved governmental compliance along with assessment and selection capabilities all backed by our award-winning IP and extensive library of best-in-class Success Profiles.

Project RPO

Change is a constant factor in growing organizations. Whether a company is expanding into new geographies, relocating headquarters, navigating a merger or acquisition, or launching a new product or service, Project RPO is dedicated to those specific growth objectives that have hiring time constraints. It means delivering a specific number of hires in a given period of time without sacrificing quality.

To shed light on what a product launch Project RPO engagement would entail, have a look at the webinar series highlighted below. Our Life Sciences leaders explain Korn Ferry’s approach to ensuring a successful product launch, from developing a recruitment strategy to building the talent acquisition team and securing the top talent that will bring it to life.

Source, screen, present

As part of our blended RPO solutions, we provide expertise in source, screen and present recruitment models. In focusing on the front-end of the hiring process, we leverage innovative sourcing and streamlined screening technology and processes to present clients with qualified candidate slates.

Hybrid end-to-end RPO

When there is a hiring need focused in a specific geography, function, or demographic such as campus, hourly, professional, etc., we build out a dedicated segment of the recruitment team to execute a strategy tailored to the area of focus while also aligned to the broader recruitment strategy. We often work alongside the client’s internal team to drive outcomes in these kinds of engagements.





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