Public Service

s many public sector organizations harness technology and big data analytics to drive productivity and create actionable insights, they are looking in some ways more like private enterprises. However, public service organizations have the added obligation of honoring the needs of a wide range of stakeholders, and they must do this while navigating red tape, legislation, and the court of public opinion. Strong public service leaders must possess business savvy, political skill, financial acumen, stellar communication skills, and the ability to inspire and develop others.

Korn Ferry believes there is a confluence of factors at work that create the opportunity for greater and more meaningful public sector impact today than ever before. We work with public service organizations to craft talent strategies that align to their organizational mission and values. We build strategic frameworks that train, retain, and reward their people. And we provide solutions that help leaders navigate the challenges of the sector, and seize the opportunities presented to effectively serve their constituents and change the lives of others.




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