Employee Rewards

We take a comprehensive approach to developing employee rewards strategies and programs. We analyze from all angles, digging deep to learn the intricacies of each business. We act holistically, incorporating all aspects of reward, including often-overlooked components such as incentives and benefits. And we exceed expectations, going beyond the conventional view of compensation to energize organizations with non-traditional rewards such as leadership recognition, meaningful job design and a dynamic and fulfilling work climate.

Our multi-disciplined business professionals offer expert employee rewards support in:

  • Aligning reward strategies with broader talent strategy and overall business objectives.
  • Balancing the needs of your organization and the needs of your employees.
  • Ensuring that people are being paid the right amount for doing the right thing.
  • Benchmarking your total pay programs against your competitors’.
  • Designing benefit and incentive programs that resonate and motivate.
  • Strengthening the link between rewards and employee performance.


By thinking differently and proceeding confidently, we help organizations design and implement intelligent employee pay solutions that build strategic frameworks for incentives and rewards.

  • Our reach is global. With 114 offices in 53 countries, we offer expert support to all types of organizations across all sizes and sectors.
  • Our knowledge is power. We combine best-in-class tools and methodologies with the largest rewards database in the world.
  • Our solutions are integrated. We draw on the specific industry expertise of colleagues across the entire talent supply chain, from talent acquisition to talent management.
  • We leverage the power of shared knowledge. We partner with WorldatWork and Loyola University Chicago to continually reinforce our thought leadership on reward practices.




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