The COVID-19 Leadership Guide

In the midst of this unprecedented crisis, leaders must make tough choices. They have to be calm, decisive, and strategic—while also being empathetic and supportive to their people. It’s one of the most difficult balancing acts corporate leaders have faced in their careers.

To help, Korn Ferry has assembled the practical guidance and strategies you need to steer your organization through this emergency. This collection of articles will help you lead through and beyond the COVID-19 crisis, dealing with the immediate issues and looking toward the opportunities for recovery. We examine the key challenges our clients say are a priority:

  • How can you keep your people engaged and productive during these difficult times?
  • What impact will social distancing have on the ways you do business?
  • When it comes to cuts, what’s the most effective, least painful approach?

This is a fast-moving situation and our current thinking is certain to evolve. We’ll keep you updated with all the advice and guidance you need as the crisis develops and our understanding grows.

There is no better time to observe the quality of leaders than when seismic challenges are rocking their world.

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Navigating coronavirus

Cost Optimization

Reducing costs while staying ready for the rebound

Virtual Learning & E-Learning

Creating virtual learning experiences that engage and inspire


Leading through a crisis

Talent Management & Acquisition

Crisis proofing your talent strategies

Career Transition & Outplacement

Helping exiting employees transition to new careers

Sales Effectiveness

Delivering customer value during disruption

Rewards & Benefits

Building agile reward strategies for a volatile world

Change Management

Engaging and enabling your people through change

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