Organization Strategy

As technology continues to change the way we live and work, every organization will need to reimagine its business.

It is people that will drive that transformation. Because all the organization strategy, planning, and innovation that you pour into your ambitions is wasted if you don’t bring your people along on the journey.

This is what we do. We help you connect everyone to your purpose. We give them the structure, processes and culture they need to thrive. Work that motivates and inspires them. Helping you and them succeed now and in the future.


We bring precision to organization and people decisions. We leverage our own unique data and that of our clients to develop insights on how you can get the most value from your people. Our consulting is powered by the Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud, which combines all our proprietary insights and research on what drives organizational performance into one platform.

At Korn Ferry, we know what effective organizations look like. Drawing on our proprietary insights and methodologies, we’ll help you transform your organization, building the structures, culture, processes, and workforce that you need for the future.  

Here are some ways that we put our insights and strengths to work for you.

Build a high-performing executive team

We help CEOs build effective top teams to drive performance and speed-up transformation. Our experts work with you to:

  • Clarify—and sometimes change—the work of the team
  • Help CEOs get the best out of their leaders and deliver on their strategy

Align your structure to drive your strategy

To execute your business strategy, you need an organizational structure that aligns with your purpose, culture, and operating model. Our consultants will work with you to:

  • Align your leadership team around your vision
  • Identify the capabilities your organization needs to execute your strategy
  • Identify the gap between where your organization is today and where it needs to be
  • Translate your strategy into an operating model, processes and organization structure, underpinned by your purpose and culture
  • Create a practical implementation plan to make change happen

Design, analyze and measure work to improve organizational effectiveness

To succeed, you need to understand the work in your organization so that you have the right people in the right roles in the right structure. We help you:

  • Quickly understand existing, new and emerging work and the capabilities required to do it
  • Understand and organize your work into Work and Career Architectures
  • Build datasets for HRIS implementation
  • Connect work and talent through career pathing solutions
  • Understand the job stretch requirements between legacy and future roles
  • Organize work into pay levels to support pay equity and pay cost optimization

Develop a people strategy and HR team that gives you a competitive edge

We help  to align your people strategy to your business strategy and build the HR capability you need to put it into action. We work with you to:

  • Develop people strategies that connect to the business strategy and help you adapt quickly to the unknown
  • Create performance management processes that are fit for the future of work
  • Build an engaging employee experience, to equally target performance and wellbeing
  • Design a strategic HR function that drives business change

Transform your organization’s culture to deliver business results

We work with you to create a culture that supports rather than works against your organization’s goals. Our culture experts help you:

  • Define the culture you’ll need to transform
  • Inspire change in leaders and create the conditions for them to succeed
  • Design experiences that provoke mindset shifts and the desire to do things differently
  • Align structure, systems, and processes to make change happen and stick.

Make change happen

We spark the desire to start - and the energy to sustain – behavior change at scale. Our change management team works with you to:

  • Assess your change needs
  • Develop a strategy, plan and governance processes to drive change
  • Design and deliver change communications and internal campaigns
  • Inspire employee behavior change
  • Build your own change capability
  • Track and measure results




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