People Strategy & Performance

To win in the marketplace, organizations must win in the workplace.

High performing organizations define and execute a strong people strategy that supports and drives their business strategy. This people strategy helps companies make the right bets on talent in order to drive competitive advantage.

A strong people strategy also frames the employee experience, employee value proposition and employer brand, as organizations recognize the critical connection between how employees feel they are treated and how they serve customers. Organizations that prioritize employee experience are four times more profitable, while developing a strong employment brand can mean a 50% lower compensation premium to attract new talent.

Using our unmatched combination of data and insights into the DNA of successful organizations, combined with our knowledge of the science behind motivation, our people strategies deliver success, for both you and your people.


Our goal is for your people strategy to raise your organizational performance and employee engagement now and continue meeting your needs for years to come, no matter what the future holds. We understand people like no other firm, and it is always our main focus — the depth and breadth of our solutions are unmatched.

We can help you:

Develop a tailored people strategy to deliver high performance today and meet your future demands 

  • Create a people strategy hard-wired to your business strategy
  • Leverage detailed people and talent analytics and research powered by Korn Ferry
  • Implement your new people strategy with innovative communications and enablement

Create performance management processes that work and have impact 

  • Ensure every individual knows how they contribute to the success of the organization
  • Reward performance in ways that motivate and engage your people and ensure that your organization gets a good return on investment
  • Make the case for leaders to invest in performance management and individual development

Create an employee experience that supports wellbeing and is aligned to your customer experience

  • Develop a credible, meaningful employee experience that balances organizational needs with employee wants
  • Design a well-being strategy that puts your employees first
  • Communicate your employer brand to attract high-caliber talent

Shape HR functions that are fit to thrive in the future

  • Assess the current state of your human resources function and evaluate potential new structures
  • Define key roles and make sure you have the right talent in role —now and in the future
  • Help your human resources team develop technical and behavioral capabilities




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