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The business case for undertaking a corporate transaction is compelling. Companies who undertake successful M&As nearly always outperform their industry peers. But, while such transformations can offer substantial business benefits, the unfortunate reality is that true success is rare. The main reason for failure of corporate transactions is “deal paradox.” In most cases, 90% of the pre-deal value of an organization will be determined by tangible assets such as market share, EBITDA, CARG, pension contributions, and technology, while only 10% will be based on intangibles such as organizational structure, culture, brand loyalty and leadership. Post-deal, however, the success of the transaction is 90% dependent on the activation of these intangible assets and only 10% on the accumulation of tangible ones. The message is clear: achieving a successful integration comes down to activating your people.

Our dedicated transaction and transformation practice leverages proven methodologies, proprietary best-in-class analytics, and enabling transactional technology to help organizations dramatically increase the odds of a successful transaction. We support organizations on:

  • Leadership: We select and assess top leaders, put in place total executive pay programs to aid in retention and to optimize performance and align the top team around a compelling purpose.
  • Culture: We identify the culture gaps between the two organizations, design a go-forward culture and create a roadmap to get there.
  • Organization design: We create an organization structure and roles to realize synergy and growth targets and create a governance model to facilitate strategy implementation.
  • Talent: We map talent to the organization design, develop workforce plans to address capability gaps and create a new Total Rewards and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract, engage, and retain talent.
  • Execution. We provide change management and project management expertise to keep the integration on track and measure success.


  • We make change happen. We understand how to release the value of people, organizational and cultural capital (the intangible assets) through the integration process.
  • We’re with you for the whole journey. We don’t leave you alone with a theoretic concept, we are here to support you from M&A planning to integration.
  • We're cutting edge. We have best in class tools for modelling your current and future organization and workforce across a variety of potential scenarios.
  • We're market leaders in talent. We provide market leading approaches to assessing, retaining and developing your talent for the integrated organization.
  • We are data driven. We have the largest pay, jobs and assessment databases in the world – allowing us to accurately benchmark your people, pay and organization within your sector.


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