Diversity & Inclusion

Our reality is changing. Companies are facing existential threats and are struggling to adapt to increased complexity and disruption.  To survive, organizations need talent that matches the complexity of the world they operate in. To thrive, organizations need to unlock the power and potential of ALL talent.  Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are the key.


Many companies focus on a one-off “silver bullet” solution often based on what others are doing. This is insufficient to drive a lasting impact.

We believe organizations need to take a more systemic approach to D&I and tackling racism. There are two pillars to building a diverse and inclusive organization:

  • Behavioral inclusion: driving personal transformation in leaders and employees – enabling them to recognize bias and mitigate it.
  • Structural inclusion: transforming the system itself – re-shaping talent processes to ensure they are fair and equitable.


We work with organizations to develop and implement D&I strategies that are grounded in their own talent and business priorities and based on data and analytics.

  • D&I diagnostics: We use researched and proven diagnostics to help leaders understand where they are on their D&I journey and identify both their strengths and opportunities to do better.
  • Structural inclusion. We use inclusive design principles to build fair and equitable talent management structures, processes and practices.
  • Behavioral inclusion. We design and deliver inclusion learning journeys for employees at all levels. And offer high impact career advancement programs for women, men, racially/ethnically under-represented talent and LGBTQ+.
  • Inclusive leadership. We help senior leaders align around and take accountability for their D&I strategy. And we enable clients to assess and develop inclusive leadership skills.
  • Building a diverse talent pipeline: We help organizations source, assess, recruit, onboard and develop under-represented talent. We design fair and equitable rewards. And we help organizations build a culture of trust and belonging.
  • Driving change: We embed diversity and inclusion in the organization’s DNA with tools, technology and effective change management.


  • We are a global market leader. We are the largest global consulting practice specializing in diversity and inclusion with 40+ years of experience in designing award-winning D&I solutions worldwide.
  • We have a proven track record of designing and implementing solutions aimed at retaining, developing, and advancing traditionally under-represented talent.
  • We have breadth and depth. With experts in every area of people and organizational development worldwide, we can help you envision, design, and build a truly inclusive organization.
  • We meet you wherever you are. Whether you are just starting out or have been focusing on D&I for years, we can help you take the next step in your D&I journey.

While diversity and inclusion have been championed in businesses across the globe, the reality is many people still are not treated equally and do not feel they have a voice. They earn less, are woefully underrepresented in top jobs, and struggle to get equal recognition and opportunity.

learn more about race matters
learn more about race matters



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