Maximize Sales Effectiveness

Revolutionize your sellers’ behavior and accelerate revenue growth

Transform your sales team's effectiveness

Traditional sales tactics are falling short and sales leaders around the globe are starting to realize that their playbook is out-of-date.

Only 16% of organizations believe they have the sales talent they need to succeed in the future. Yet only 24% of sales organizations assess why its top performers are successful.

To transform your sales team’s performance, you need to understand what drives success, assess your talent, and help them develop the right skillsets and mindsets to succeed. The result? You’ll win and close more deals and drive overall sales effectiveness.

What we do

To improve sales performance organizations must upskill their teams. But it takes more than just training.

‘Maximizing Sales Effectiveness’ is an integrated development journey, delivered digitally at scale that drives sustainable change. We guide you through defining what success looks like (Success Profiles) through to assessment, personalized training, and coaching for your sales teams. The solution also incorporates the full suite of industry-leading sales performance methodology and skills programs from Miller Heiman Group®, now part of Korn Ferry.

We help you improve the performance for all of your sales talent and ensure that new approaches are executed over the long term—across manager and team member roles, from account management and business development to sales support.


We tie everything into one solution to drive sustainable change.


How we help you

We help you understand what “good” looks like

Starting with Korn Ferry Success Profiles™, leveraging decades of job analysis and research, we define the competencies, traits and drivers for over 25 key sales roles that comprise “what good looks like”. Then we use these profiles to measure where your sales talent excels and where they can improve.

We assess where your sales people are now

To move your sales teams toward new skillsets and mindsets you need to know where you stand. By assessing against your Success Profile, you’ll be able to see how your existing talent stacks up as well as any skills gaps.

We make learning stick with personalized journeys

We create personalized learning journeys from the results of your seller’s assessment which not only reveals any skills gaps but also how that person best learns. Development focuses on the suite of Miller Heiman Group® industry-leading methodology courseware from call management, call execution, opportunity management to account management. These integrated learning journeys combine world-class development content, a self-directed and self-paced ongoing learning path, plus coaching to embed the learning and drive lasting performance change.

We make it easy to access and scalable for your people

Our easy-to-use platform integrates learning with personalized journeys. Enhanced by self-guided learning, this high touch, high-tech solution provides an engaging experience that integrates assessment, development and coaching together in one platform. And you’ll be encouraging a culture of learning and continuous improvement to set your sales talent and organization up for success.

Let us be part of your success story

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Our experts

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