The ability to understand, calibrate, and align work with talent has never been more important in an environment that is constantly changing. Disruption and market turbulence are changing the way work gets done, meaning organizations must leverage technology, rethink operating models, and design their job architecture to deliver for their clients in new ways.

Organizations are in an endless struggle to reduce overheads, simplify processes, strengthen performance management, and improve responsiveness to customers. This state of constant change and disruption calls for new and innovative approaches to remain competitive. Korn Ferry Architect provides the solution within a scalable framework that quickly delivers results.

Benefits of Korn Ferry Architect

  • Integration – directly connect to your job evaluation process, working seamlessly to analyze and plan your reward and talent management programs.
  • Speed - create job descriptions 5x faster, and job evaluations in almost no time.
  • Efficiency – design a job once for multiple purposes, including reward, talent acquisition, career pathing and development, and employee reviews.
  • Budget friendly - dramatically reduce the cost of maintaining job descriptions and evaluations with a completely innovative approach.
  • Job architecture - create order out of chaos with a global framework that delivers consistency across the business.

Korn Ferry Architect cuts through complexity to power your strategic and tactical organizational transformation.

Streamline your processes

Korn Ferry Architect is a modern and efficient solution that streamlines the job design, work measurement, and related talent processes.

It combines:

  • Korn Ferry’s job architecture and work measurement expertise.
  • The Korn Ferry Hay Guide Chart - Profile Method, our world-class job evaluation system.
  • Korn Ferry's leading competency framework.
  • A holistic framework of defining and measuring talent.

Work measurement

Work is at the core of how organizations create value. The ability to design, understand, analyze, and measure work means organizations can optimize accountability allocation, and get the right people in the right jobs. Our work measurement analytical framework helps organizations make informed decisions about how to deploy and organize their people. And our world-class Job Evaluation IP lets you understand vertical and horizontal relationships among your organization’s roles by properly sizing and leveling each job.

Talent & job architecture

Where am I? Where can I go? How do I get there? Korn Ferry Architect provides insights to help address these questions and more, enabling you to create an agile, future-oriented workforce where everyone has opportunities to develop to their full potential.

  • Organize your jobs into career ladders within a wider job architecture, allowing your workforce to be more agile and responsive.
  • Gain an understanding of job levels, grades, and types in your organization, as well as clarity on skills and experiences needed for employees to move into other roles.
  • Develop a career roadmap providing a visible career path from a current role to any chosen destination.

Define 'what good looks like' in a role

Korn Ferry Architect is built on a ready-made job architecture library of 4000+ best-in-class Success Profiles. Leveraging our extensive experience in job analysis and research, our Success Profiles combine everything we know about individual, team, and organizational success to show you what ‘good’ looks like for roles.

Korn Ferry Digital

Korn Ferry Architect links seamlessly to Korn Ferry Digital – a world-class, integrated talent platform comprising the integrated data, insights, and analytics of our Talent Hub. A single, enterprise-wide framework and language on talent, Korn Ferry Digital enables you to combine invaluable employee experience data with decisions on pay, development, retention, and career paths so you can drive better organizational performance through people.

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