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Execution and team alignment lead to world-class sales and service teams

Miller Heiman Group’s 40 years of proven methodology and skills training are the bedrock of successful organizations around the world. Miller Heiman Group’s sales training, consulting, and technology empowered sales organizations to better manage their opportunities, grow relationships, improve the customer experience, and replicate winning behaviors at scale through Miller Heiman Group’s CRM enablement technology, Scout – now Korn Ferry Sell.

Under the Korn Ferry umbrella, we now offer unparalleled organizational alignment and on-the-ground execution to help our clients build world-class sales and service teams to transform their sales performance and customer experience.

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Why Korn Ferry acquired Miller Heiman Group

The biggest obstacle facing sales organizations today is sales talent. Buyers are getting better at buying faster than sellers are getting better at selling. Customers have more buying power and insight than ever before, and they’re relying less on sales reps for information, turning to them only when they’ve already made a buying decision. As a result, the number of sales reps making quota has dropped by 10% over the last five years, and only 16% of organizations believe they have the sales talent they need to succeed in the future.

With traditional sales engagements less viable than ever, organizations need to focus on two things: alignment, which is Korn Ferry’s strength, and execution, which is Miller Heiman Group’s core competency. Our integrated solution aligns your sales team, using proprietary assessments to ensure that you have the right roles, people, and channels deployed to the right market segments—along with the right incentive programs to motivate your sellers. Then we improve your execution using Miller Heiman Group’s market-leading sales training programs, along with coaching and reinforcement, to execute the methodology with precision and ensure your salespeople differentiate themselves and your solutions by adding greater value than the competition.

Korn Ferry + Miller Heiman Group

The Korn Ferry and Miller Heiman Group integrated solution offers market-leading sales & service alignment & training

Our integrated solution helps organizations answer every question along the sales performance and customer experience journey:

  • Do you have the right sales roles and organizational structure?
  • What is your sourcing strategy for top sales talent?
  • Are your compensation plans working?
  • How formally defined and deployed is your sales process?
  • Is your CRM efficient and widely adopted, and is it adding value?
  • How effective are you at initiating new opportunities into your pipeline?
  • What are the common drivers of wins and losses?
  • Are you delivering the “defining moments” that build customer loyalty?

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