Rewards strategy is a critical driver of organizational success, improving recruitment and retention, increasing employee engagement and aligning an organization’s investment in people with their business strategy. Successful rewards strategy depends not only on the quality of the program design, but also on the manner in which it is communicated and implemented. For a rewards strategy to be truly effective, it must be implemented using a change management process that drives understanding, eases adoption and utilization, and keeps a laser focus on delivering intended results.

We ensure that organizational leaders understand the key principles of rewards change management and demonstrate effective change management behaviors to their employees. We help them internally make the business case for change, maximizing support and acceptance at all levels. We develop change management action plans that outline the organization’s path to success. And we employ critical communications strategies that weave new programs into the fabric of the organization, and define and reinforce each person’s role in implementing smart rewards strategies for a bright and successful future.


  • We see the whole situation. We take a uniquely holistic view of compensation, with expertise and capabilities across the entire HR value chain. This enables us to deliver comprehensive, strategic solutions from research to implementation to adoption.
  • Our data is deep. Our database is the largest in the world – with over 20 million incumbents in more than 25,000 organizations in 110 countries - giving us unparalleled insight on implementation procedures and best practices.
  • Communication is key. We are experts at opening and maintaining critical dialogues that ensure ongoing alignment regarding expectations, goals and next steps.
  • We make change happen. Our proven experts have a track record of implementation success with clients of all sizes, in all industry sectors, across the world.




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