Accelerating Revenue Growth

Customers are changing —is your team adapting fast enough?

Buyers are getting better at buying faster than sellers are getting better at selling — they are more informed, more discerning and more demanding. These quickly evolving customer needs are forcing your sales organization to adapt fast by changing its sales methodology, making connections in different ways and learning new skills to excel in a digital sales environment. And, if these adjustments aren’t made, your customers will go elsewhere.

Transformation starts with understanding the talent you have, figuring out where they need to be, and closing the gap. We help you design an inclusive sales organization ready for the challenges ahead — one with the right leadership, process, incentives, skills and talent to keep up with any demands that your customers make. 


To  accelerate revenue growth, you need to have the right salespeople, in the right roles, with the right skillset and mindset, incentivized and supported in the right way to deliver.

We improve sales performance by identifying and closing the Potential Gap, the difference between where your sales teams are and where they need to be.  We help your organization define, assess, build and reinforce the unique skills and tools needed for each sales role within your organization, and transform your sales team for sustained change.

Building your ideal sales organization

  • We use diagnostics and benchmarking to identify opportunities to improve sales performance and set priorities for Sales Transformation
  • Then, we design an inclusive sales organization that is flexible enough to respond to market pressure and buyer behavior, aligned with your business goals and includes dynamic job profiles that predict success in each role
  • Next, we align incentive compensation and rewards and recognition processes to drive employee engagement
  • Finally, we provide tools and services to enable you to better Hire, Redeploy or Develop your sales teams.

Identifying the sales leaders that will realize your vision

  • We help you assess and benchmark your leadership (skillset and mindset) against high performing sales leader Success Profiles
  • We then deliver leadership programs – both core leadership and sales leadership to address identified skill gaps
  • We provide tools to coach and reinforce the expected leadership behaviors and operationalize better results with sales teams

Realize sales potential by closing individual gaps

  • We have world class success profiles to help you understand what good looks like by role that we constantly refresh using AI
  • Then we assess your salespeople against your desired roles to uncover potential gaps in mindset and skillset
  • Next, we deliver training and development content to close the gaps – tailored to the individual based on their persona
  • Then we reinforce learning using a technology platform, CRM plug in focus on formal coaching




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