When did office parties become such major snooze fests? Company social events are crucial for culture, but a recent poll found that 35% of employees can’t stand them. We chat with one of America’s top corporate event hosts and a Korn Ferry culture expert to learn what firms can do to bring back the fun.

  • Podcast Guest

    Susan MacTavish Best

    Posthoc, Inc.

    Founder of POSTHOC, which hosts salon gatherings where she interviews the world’s experts in an intimate setting with guests from across generations, viewpoints, industries, and backgrounds. She is an expert at building communities.

  • Podcast Guest

    Mark Richardson

    Senior Client Partner
    Korn Ferry

    An ex-Olympic 400m medalist and world champion athlete, Mark brings a unique understanding of high-performance psychology, behavioral science and decades of experience working within and helping to develop organizations where engagement and success are inevitable.

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