Achieve Forum

Empowered people to lead successfully in turbulent business landscapes

From in-person instruction to digitally enabled experiences, Achieve Forum delivered the human touch to drive more than just leadership know-how—we drove leadership success.

Now, by combining with Korn Ferry, we’ve strengthened our ability to help leading organizations around the world equip and enable their leaders to succeed in the moments that matter most.

Why Korn Ferry acquired Achieve Forum

Organizations today face an overwhelming leadership challenge. With numerous leaders to serve and a seemingly infinite number of leadership moments, the demand for leadership support far outstrips the resources that organizations have to meet it. As a result, new leaders, critical projects, and transformations fail more than they succeed.

To enable organizations, and its front-line leaders, to thrive, Korn Ferry realized that a holistic talent development solution was necessary. Achieve Forum’s core competencies included leadership development, service and customer experience, and workplace learning. Adding this expertise to Korn Ferry’s strengths in talent identification, assessment, coaching, and development enables clients to prepare their next generation of leaders for whatever challenges await. 

Korn Ferry + Achieve Forum

Front-line leaders represent around 80% of the organization’s leadership, but they receive the least attention, with only 20 to 30% of leadership development efforts focused on this group. Our integrated solution helps diagnose and close gaps in front-line leadership.

Our combined approach helps all leaders succeed in every situation in our constantly changing world. We complement traditional learning solutions with innovative instructional experiences, embedding leadership values and competencies in front-line leaders, helping them drive performance and deliver results through others.

Our platform uses Korn Ferry Success Profiles to identify the traits and drivers of top front-line leaders. Next, our assessments measure how your front-line leadership talent stacks up. We then create a holistic learning journey for each individual that combines world-class development content, a self-directed and self-paced ongoing learning path, plus coaching and reinforcement to embed the learning and drive lasting changes in mindset and behavior.

Prepare your next generation of front-line leaders with our integrated solution.

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