Korn Ferry

A portfolio approach to talent

CXO Optimization

While companies navigate the promise of tomorrow, many are failing to meet the requirements of today. Digitization, new regulations, and disruptive innovation are accelerating the pace of change within organizations, forcing them to stretch and transform or risk becoming irrelevant. That need for agility is most acutely felt within the life-blood of the business: its functions. But the traditional approach to maximizing performance and driving strategy through processes and technology ultimately doesn’t create change – your people do.

Optimizing a business function must start with understanding the individual and collective capabilities of your team, and their ability to meet the needs of the organization today and in the future.


Korn Ferry empowers you with data-driven and evidence-based answers to your most pressing talent questions:

  • Can this team execute the core functional agenda while driving strategic impact?
  • Do I have the right people in my critical functional roles?
  • What is the systemic risk to my team if certain individuals leave?
  • What capabilities will we need in the future? Can we build what’s missing?
  • How should I invest in my most-valued technical experts, while developing those with the most potential for future leadership?
  • What are my competitors doing?


Our approach:

1. Defining success - Create a customize success profile for your function grounded in the strategic context of your business, and leveraging our best-in-class benchmarks for functional and leadership talent and industry insights.

2. Functional diagnostic - Assess each individual across four dimensions of talent - competencies, experiences, traits and drivers – using a variety of methods including subject-matter and behavioral interviews, cutting-edge IP, and a unified lens for success. Present individual and aggregate heatmap of current capabilities and bench strength across all dimensions, identifying strengths, gaps, and organizational enablers and constraints to the function’s effectiveness.

3. Optimization - Create deliberate and targeted development plans for the function in whole and each individual. Balance your development of high-potentials with your investment in high-professionals. Determine where to build and where to buy critical capabilities given market factors like cost and scarcity. Improve engagement, retention, and optimize the performance of your function.

Nearly every industry is being disrupted by technology, but the question remains: Are boards plugged in enough to understand the issues?