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For nearly 40 years, Strategy Execution created global learning solutions for a project-driven world. Strategy Execution delivered the skills that helped businesses drive project performance and digital transformation.

Now, as part of Korn Ferry, our impact on learners and our organizational partners can be far greater. With a goal of improving project performance, creating digital leaders, and delivering organizational success, we have the capacity to upskill your workforce with technical and professional skills critical to address a world facing constant change.

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Our courses are designed to build the right skills to bridge the strategy-execution gap so your organization can meet its goals.

Why Korn Ferry acquired Strategy Execution

High-impact strategic work is done through a series of projects, so it’s important that people running projects are equipped with the right set of skills to ensure success. Skills development is part of a holistic talent development process that pairs with Korn Ferry’s other offerings to create a market-leading, integrated solution for growth-minded businesses. 

Together with Korn Ferry, our learning offerings have never been stronger. Our global, comprehensive education and training for project-driven work, delivered in partnership with Duke Corporate Education, empowers the performance your business needs today to scale tomorrow.

Korn Ferry + Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution training spanned a continuum of critical skills, from strategy and adaptive leadership to business analysis, project management, and contract management. The core areas of training that we have brought to Korn Ferry include:

  • Digital leadership
  • Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP)
  • Project and program management
  • Lean and Agile project management
  • Business analysis
  • Business skills in a project-based context
  • Contract management
  • Federal project and program management (FAC-P/PM)

Our courses are designed to build the right skills to bridge the strategy-execution gap so your organization can meet its goals, increase employee productivity, and save time and money.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in our training and the impact it has on our clients. Whether your goal is to sharpen your team’s core skills or evolve the way your leadership approaches strategy execution, we have the education solutions that will transform the way you think, lead, execute, and perform.

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