The Inclusive Leader

To thrive in our increasingly disruptive world, organizations need a different type of leader. A leader who connects emotionally with their teams. A leader who is culturally agile. A leader who can leverage the diversity of their organization's talent to make better decisions. In essence, an inclusive leader.

Why now?

Calls for societal change have sparked unprecedented demand to create more diverse and inclusive organizations. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s also the smart thing to do.

Organizations and leaders who can unlock the collective intelligence of all their talent have a much better chance of success. Because inclusive leaders drive individual, team, and organizational performance.

How do you find and develop inclusive leaders?

Inclusive™ leader journey

Unlock the collective intelligence of all your talent by moving leaders through these steps.


Why are inclusive leaders important?

Organizations, now more than ever, need leaders at all levels who can recognize and nurture individual differences to unlock the potential of all talent.

Inclusive leadership harnesses the power of all. Under inclusive leaders, individuals are more engaged. Teams make better decisions. Organizations are more innovative and more likely to capture new markets.

But how do you know if your leaders are inclusive?

image of people conversing

Are you inclusive?

Take our inclusive leader quiz to help you reflect on how your behaviors help promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.


Inclusive leadership is not just about having an attitude of openness. It is a set of disciplines and traits that can be assessed, coached, and put into action.

Inclusive leaders build rapport and trust, recognize different learning and thinking styles. They lead with their head and their heart. They seek out and invite new people to the table and elicit the best from everyone. They also practice inclusion systematically, whether they are conducting talent reviews, assigning developmental opportunities, or making hiring decisions.

the 5 disciplines of inclusive leaders

The 5 disciplines of inclusive leaders

Through fieldwork and analysis of over 3 million leadership assessments, Korn Ferry has developed a new profile of the inclusive leader. Download our paper to find out more.

Head and heart leaders

Inclusive leaders fall into one of two groups – those that lead with the heart and those that lead with the head. Less than 5 per cent of leaders globally can do both. Discover our research on which sectors and geographies you can find inclusive leaders.

head and heart leaders


Korn Ferry can empower your leaders to be inclusive and accountable. We do that through designing and delivering inclusion learning journeys for everyone, from first line leaders to senior executives. These development programs are grounded in our new profile of the inclusive leader.

Custom development journeys for senior leaders

These programs foster inclusive leadership behaviors in boards, c-suite teams and senior leaders. They include:

  • Assessments, administered online and verbally, that map to The Inclusive™ Leader Profile along with feedback and development recommendations
  • Development programs customized to the assessment results
  • One-on-one executive coaching

Scalable development journeys for all managers

Demo our new online, self-directed development program, suitable for all leaders that can be scaled easily across your organization. It includes:

  • An online assessment aligned to the 5 disciplines of an inclusive leader
  • A customized, self-directed learning journey aligned to the leader’s assessment results
  • One to one coaching as optional

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