Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Unleashing the power of all of us

All too often, organizations leap into diversity and inclusion initiatives without fully understanding the root cause of the issue. We undertake a comprehensive root-cause analysis to determine why your organization is falling short of its diversity and inclusion goals and help you build a roadmap for change. Our diagnostic phase includes:

  • Analysis of the talent pipeline to identify the key barriers for minority groups
  • Employee surveys to identify inequities in employee experiences
  • Review of talent practices to identify where bias is built-in
  • Benchmarking of your business against the Korn Ferry D,E&I Maturity Model
  • Shaping an evidence-based diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy aligned to your business and talent priorities

The transformation journey to become a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace starts with inclusive leaders. D,E&I cannot be delegated: it must be led by the CEO and senior leaders, who are aligned and fully accountable for implementing the strategy. Then, every team at every level needs an inclusive leader to release its collective intelligence. We work with you to:

  • Develop inclusive, accountable leaders at the senior level through a high touch development journey including assessment, coaching, facilitated dialogue, and experiential learning
  • Develop inclusive leaders at every level of the organization with our scalable, digital solution that integrates assessment, learning, and coaching experience through one integrated platform
  • Coach CEOs and their senior team on how to lead transformational change that lasts

Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why we design and deliver inclusion learning journeys for everyone, from your newest employees to your most senior leaders. Here’s how we can help you:

  • Deliver diversity and inclusion development programs to unearth your employees’ unconscious biases, interrupting biases in everyday decisions and actions to help employees behave more inclusively
  • Help you address issues of power and privilege related to race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and more.
  • Equip managers and executives to lead inclusively and unleash the collective genius of their entire team
  • Design and deliver proven, high-impact career advancement programs, such as The Power of Choice, that address the headwinds that underrepresented groups face

Although many talent systems and processes are designed to optimize human performance, they’re often riddled with built-in biases. Organizations need an in-depth structural inclusion assessment to ensure that their talent processes are fair and equitable and prevent unconscious bias from occurring, and that’s where we come in. We’ll help you:

  • Build transparent, equitable talent management processes and practices using inclusive design principles
  • Run pay equity analysis and design inclusive compensation and benefits programs.
  • Implement inclusive recruitment processes – from sourcing diverse candidates, to objective assessment and effective on-boarding
  • Design inclusive jobs and career paths
  • Put in place objective assessments for identifying, developing and promoting talent.
  • Design diversity, equity, and inclusion infrastructure and governance strategies, including role descriptions, reporting relationships, D&I councils, and employee resource groups
  • Enable you to systematically attract diverse talent at all levels and uncover internal hidden talent

Change is hard. Whatever strategic and programmatic interventions you implement, you want to make sure they drive behavioral and structural changes. We know that building sustainably inclusive and diverse organizations is an ongoing effort. We will be by your side as you communicate and manage your transformational change, helping you:

  • Decide how to make change happen, including what to prioritize and how to get started fast
  • Develop a communication strategy and plan that incorporates listening channels and feedback loops to facilitate dialogue and difficult conversations
  • Determine the key metrics and establish governance mechanisms to track and measure outcomes
  • Embed diversity and inclusion in your organization’s DNA by using technology
  • Talk to an expert
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