CXO Optimisation

Today's C-suite leaders are tasked with executing a complex, nuanced technical agenda while ensuring that the strategic alignment drives business results. Yet they often must rely on a collection of individuals that were assembled over time and without strategic intent or specific purpose. A top-performing function that creates competitive advantage requires the right people in the right roles at the right time, working together to maximise their collective capabilities and potential.

CXO Optimisation leverages over 4 million assessment results to identify the most differentiating competencies, experiences, traits and drivers for C-suite leaders and their teams. By distinguishing technical roles from pivotal roles, and experts from athletes, we optimise both individual and team performance.

Our extensive market expertise provides real-time insight into the competitive landscape to add an outside-in lens for solving talent needs. Our CXO Talent Heatmap empowers Boards, CEOs, and C-suite leaders to optimise performance through thoughtful capability-building on both an individual and collective level.

  • Answer your most critical talent questions with our data-driven methodology:

    • Do I have a successor now? Can I develop one from my existing team?
    • What capabilities and competencies do we have and what will we need in the future? Can we build what’s missing?
    • Do we have the best possible structure in place? What are our competitors doing?
    • What is the systemic risk if key individuals leave? How much would it cost, and how difficult would it be, to replace them?
    • How do I invest in my most-valued technical experts while developing individuals with the most potential?
  • Design what you need - Grounded in the strategic priorities of the CXO and the business agenda, we use Korn Ferry’s best-in-class benchmarks and extensive market insight to create a comprehensive, future-focused master success profile of the capabilities and competencies required for success.

    Define what you have - We assess the existing capabilities and competencies in the Office of the CXO against your Master Success Profile through: IP-based proprietary leadership assessments; market-based subject matter interview; 360-degree referencing; and external benchmarking. Then, provide a CXO Talent Heatmap with individual and aggregate views of current capabilities and bench strength relative to the Success Profile, to include: functional strengths and gaps in technical and pivotal sub-disciplines; leadership gaps that might derail optimal performance; organisational enablers; and constraints to the function’s effectiveness.

    Optimise - Based on the assessment results of participants, both on an individual and aggregate level, we provide a holistic blueprint to build capability with purpose and optimise the function. This may encompass: organisation redesign; succession planning; team-effectiveness; engagement and retention programmes; build vs. buy analysis for technical and pivotal roles; hi-potential development plans; expert technical training; and job rotations and recruitment.

  • We’ve helped our clients face quickly-evolving business and regulatory environments by creating organisational restructures that match the needs of the business climate; by avoiding disruption and disintermediation, by identifying the individuals who can drive strategic change and by transforming their core business functions into strategic partners of the Board & CEO.

    Our bespoke process targets your most critical talent needs, arming all stakeholders with a deliberate development plan to optimise the performance of your people and maximise the potential in your function.


    Why Korn Ferry?

    As experts in organisation design, leadership development and executive search, we understand how to maximise individual and organisational performance. We have expertise in working with world-class corporations and their top teams, market insights and in-depth expertise in functional talent. Developed over nearly 50 years, our unique approach, proven methodologies and proprietary best-in-class analytics help organisations to develop talent and to accelerate and sustain organisational success.

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